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We have mentioned names of donors who have contributed more than Rs. 2 lacs. However, this doesn't make other donors less significant… whether they gave Rs. 100 or villagers who do Shramdaan or volunteers who are offering themselves. Infact, we value them much more than people/ organisations that just give money. They are our ants army and it is because of them that we can make an actual impact on the ground.

2021 - Learning by doing program at Vanvadi Forest

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2021 & 2022 - Watershed management in Chinchwadi village

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Kapadia Family

2021 & 2022 - Sports program in Chinchwadi village


2021 & 2022 - Education program in Chinchwadi village 

Agarwal Family

2022 - Germinator Program

Rai Family

2022 - Afforestation projects near Vadodara
RevAranya & LovAranya 

2022 - Save Jawai Wildlife

Gangaramji Talesha Solanki Family

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