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Shilpa Mehta

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Sonam Bharatkumar Jain

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Dilip Jain

The founder of dJED Foundation, Dilip has worked for a few years in the corporate sector with Tata Group. He has been an entrepreneur for over a decade working with Gujarat Infrapipes and founded Aventus Estate. In parallel, he has also been a volunteer with SECMOL, Ladakh and was involved in the renowned Ice Stupa project along with Sonam Wangchuk. He later became a founding member of Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh and was involved in kick starting the university and its ventures. Other than that, he occasionally coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, educationists and most of the money earned is invested in activities of the foundation.

Brief note on Dilip's Ladakh journey in his own words

It was during my SPJIMR days that I went to Ladakh for a DOCC (social) project and was in love with it. Here I found my friend Sonam Wangchuk who was working to transform the education system and lives of the local community. I kept going to Ladakh every other year until the start of the Ice Stupa Artificial Glacier project in 2014 when the project needed more support and I was reasonably established to be able to volunteer part-time. I played a key role in this project since its inception, especially in gathering resources through crowdfunding & networking. I was part of the team that went to the USA for the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2016.


As the Ice Stupa project gained momentum, we conceptualized the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL). I gradually handed over the reins of the business to my wife and took a sabbatical from my business to pro-bono volunteer full time and lay the foundation of HIAL. Being the first person to join this ambitious project, I had to manage most of the things - big & small. I played an important role in building up the big vision of HIAL when we had no resources and shared it with the world, raised significant donations through crowdfunding, developed network & association with various stakeholders, planned & executed initial short courses like Entrepreneurship Confluence, etc. I assisted the team with the registration of the entity, income tax exemption, project planning, PR & communication, and roadshows, and helped recruit the initial team. 


Given my association of over a decade and more so due to my voluntary contribution since 2014 for the Ice Stupa project, I was designated as Founding Member of HIAL. HIAL is working to build real-life enterprises to support each of the schools whereby students will get to work on live projects that earn income. This will not only make their education free but also give practical, hands-on, and contextual wisdom.

Watch Dilip's talk as a keynote speaker at the 2nd International Climate Conference

Shilpa Mehta

A motivational speaker and an expert in business planning and strategy, Shilpa has worked in the corporate sector in senior management roles with companies like Polaris Software Labs Ltd and Hinduja group among others. Despite having polio, she doesn't shy away from activities that interest her, be it driving, cooking or swimming, but the closest to her heart is the Me2 Kids Club in Mumbai that she runs along with her husband. It provides kids with experiential learning by bringing them closer to nature.

Watch Shilpa speaking at the Rajasthan Carnival held by Nari Shakti Nayi Udaan

Sonam Bharatkumar Jain

Sonam is a chartered accountant working with Henkel. Her professional experience ranges from finance, process automation and business planning and strategy. In her earlier days, she spent time teaching kids from 3 to 21 years, and those experiences helped her build connections and drive programs involving women and children. She likes venturing out of her comfort zone and has been crucial in onboarding donors and overseeing projects of dJED foundation.

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