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Resident/Long Term Volunteers

We generally need 2-3 volunteers who can commit to stay a minimum of 1 month.

Opportunities include programs facilitation with the community, overseeing projects like Eco-construction, water harvesting, tree plantation, clean up drives; survey & documentation of tribal wisdom, running Eco-edu tourism projects, planning & hosting workshops, training & establishing livelihoods ventures; teaching sports, arts, crafts, music, theater, English, computer, etc.

Non-resident/Weekend Volunteers

We generally need 2-3 volunteers who can commit either to help during weekends or short duration.


Opportunities include, managing social media & PR communication, website maintenance, fundraising, applying for grants/ awards, making videos/ blogs/ reports/ newsletters, assisting on ground projects like promotion/ booking for Eco-edu tourism, marketing community/ forest produce, etc.

Basic rules for volunteers to keep in mind

  • Its equal… give and take. It’s not a favour. 

  • Beware as there is a thin line of difference between volunteering and exploitation.

  • Be clear you are serving the cause and not some person. It is higher than anyone's ego.

  • Expected - commitment, discipline, transparency, etc. more than you have for a paid job. Just the returns are intangible.

  • The project depends on you. Even you need to do Shramdaan.

  • It is not a paid holiday but a duty. No alcohol, loud music, etc. 

  • Basic lodging, boarding will be provided. We need to improve a lot and you need to help us achieve that.

  • Your safety is your responsibility. Respect the forest, the community, the culture and yourself.

  • Will there be earning opportunities… presently NO.


Visit Us

Want to see what we do? Come visit us

If you wish to spend some time in the village away from the city, you're welcome to visit us after prior intimation and confirmation.

Points to note before your visit

  • You will be staying in Chinchwadi Adivasi Village so be prepared for a rustic experience.

  • You will be eating with one of the village households and cooking is mainly done on firewood.

  • For longer stays and to know about our volunteering policy, please discuss with people mentioned on the Contact us page.

  • The space is maintained & managed by the village households with the help of volunteers. They host, manage programs, conduct walks/ treks, cook food, wash dishes, oversee on-going work, and help with documentation and other tasks, as needed from time to time.

  • Your contributions help us meet our costs, including care of the forest & the community, supporting our projects like rainwater harvesting, sports, education, etc.

  • You are most welcome to contribute more to support us! In case you cannot afford the suggested amount, please talk with us and we will find a middle path.

  • Please bring your own bed sheets or sleeping bag and torch; umbrella and mosquito net (during monsoon); perhaps also any musical instrument you play. 

  • Your safety is our concern, but the responsibility of looking after yourself is yours!  We strongly encourage use of eco-friendly products, and request you to avoid/ minimise use of plastics, chemical soaps, detergents, toothpaste, etc.  

  • The nearest small town, Kalamb, is about 5 km from Chinchwadi village.

  • This is a ‘not for profit’ initiative and all collections go towards conserving/ regenerating the forest, enhancing its biodiversity, rainwater harvesting work, including maintenance of the community house and surroundings. We welcome support in cash and kind to enable us to offer more concessional scholarships and undertake additional regenerative field work!



We accept all donations only in our bank account. We have received registration u/s 12AB and the 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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