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simple ways to remain healthy... tips for the new year

simple ways to remain healthy... tips for the new year

Year ends with another trophy!!! Yesterday, I was a runner up in Bisalpur Marathon (in my village) competing against dozens of youngsters. Last month I completed 9 days, 100 kms trek to Goechala (around 16000 ft), which is basecamp of the highest peak in India – Kanchenjunga, Sikkim. For those of you who want to focus on fitness & wellness in the New Year 2023, here is my experience. - I eat atleast one raw meal a day… prefer different colour & taste, more varieties.… have tried 10 types of bananas and 20 types of lentils. - I avoid most packaged foods... not even mineral water. Also try to minimize rice, wheat, sugar, salt, etc. Instead I pick up local pulses, vegetables, oils, etc. whenever I go to rural areas. - I ensure that my weight is in control… have remained 60 kgs, +/- 5% since 15 years. - I do some or other sport/ exercise 4-5 times a week… ranging from a walk to a trek or swim, etc. - I avoid all types of medicines or cosmetics… haven’t taken any since a decade or so. Instead follow natural healing and products like say mahua oil. - I don’t drive a car, neither use an AC. Instead I prefer to cycle or use public transport. This also helps build immunity/ adaptation to external environment. - I keep away from all new age fashion that promises magic if I do this, eat that or buy ABC. Traditional methods that evolved over centuries and are followed by elders/ indigenous communities work much better. - I don’t use any high tech smart gadget to monitor my parameters. When there is change in quality of sleep or digestion, the body indicates through dis-ease, which requires fixing the root cause. - I prefer outdoors A LOT – Sun, Mountain, Forest, River, etc. Because my भगवान is भ- भूमि, ग– गगन, व– वायु, अ– अग्नि, न– नीर. - Human body is a highly intelligent and sophisticated machine…I try to understand & respect it but at the same time I tame it from falling to addictive influences. - I’ve modest materialistic aspirations for myself so no great hurry, no undue pressure to earn/ become XYZ, etc. At age of 43, my hairs are still black. - Most of my work is for larger cause to support others, be it education or ecology. - Physical health is significantly influenced by spiritual, mental & emotional health so good thoughts, deeds & relationships are very important. - I’ve great family support and blessings of well-wishers. Understanding inside and outside nature, digging deeper into practices like fasting or yoga provide all the essential wisdom that one needs for living a simple and healthy holistic lifestyle. I am adopting and adapting it for my fitness & wellness since a decade…. You too can. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!
Shilpa Mehta Jain, Director, dJED Foundation wins 16th ICAI Awards

Shilpa Mehta Jain, Director, dJED Foundation wins 16th ICAI Awards

Congratulations to my wife Shilpa Jain , for winning the prestigious 16th ICAI awards under the category ‘CA Special Recognition’. An eminent Jury Panel under the Chairmanship of Shri Dilip Shanghvi, MD, Sun Pharma selected the awardees and it was presented by The Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal on evening of 10th January 2023. Shilpa has a disability certificate that says she has 94% permanent locomotor disability of PPRP both lower limbs with Scoliosis (Polio). Despite this and thanks to her WILL, she is completely independent – she takes care of house and office, she swims and drives, she learns and earns, while I am mostly travelling to manage our foundations project in rural areas. We all know that no one is perfect. Some have mental challenges and others have physical challenges. However most eyes can see what is visible and thus those with physical challenges are often excluded… from family, from work, from function, from sport, from opportunity, from… They are also ABLED but prefix of ‘DIS’ is forced by the society which leads to loss of confidence, aspiration, hope, dream, imagination, intelligence... But there are few who rise up to occasion and take the challenges not just as opportunities to grow themselves but also help others. She tries to EN-ABLE despite being tagged as dis-able. Because EN is Inclusion and DIS is Exclusion. We want to EN-ABLE many so today our dJED Foundation is launching SMS (Shantilal Mehta Scholarship) to pay forward and support 100 people with physical challenges to do CA in the next 10 years. We have earmarked Rs. 10 lacs to start with and we will provide funding & mentoring but more importantly courage & heart to those who have WILL to rise up, despite the odds. Help us spread the message and let deserving candidates reach us. Only a CA can turn a Liability into an Asset;) मन के हारे हार है, मन के जीते जीत.



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