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Photo by Dilip Jain


Founded by Dilip Jain, dJED Foundation wants to achieve Gandhian dream of Gram Swaraj by working in one village at a time. We want to focus on top 2-3 issues of the village where we work while comprehensively addressing other related problems.


There are around 10 lacs villages in India but most are facing poverty & joblessness and people have to migrate to cities for odd jobs and are increasingly getting addicted to various vices. Life is a struggle and meaningless for most. While as a country we are growing but the social inequity, ecology degradation and spiritual misalignment is at its peak.   

It is our belief that the most fundamental necessity for Gram Swaraj is that each village has good soil, water, forest and animals. When these elements are in place, a person can thrive & survive in his own little village with his family, without too much dependence on outside world. 

Our mission while working with anyone is

  • Empowering Indigenous communities

  • Ecology before economy

  • 3E's - Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment

What we do?


Our Vision
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